Lanehouse on Bartlett

It's Christmas time in the city

— The Toronto Star, December 2014

Homes on the lane

— The Toronto Star, September 2014

A developer sees potential in Toronto’s orphaned lots

— The Globe and Mail, May 2014

Toronto's First Yarn Bombing

— New Condo Guide, April 2014

How Knitting Got Its Groove Back

— The Globe and Mail, April 2014

DJ Alex Merrell's Coolest Playlist Picks

— Elle Canada, April 2014

Curated Properties Hosts Yarn Bombing Party at Lanehouse!

— The Toronto Star, March 2014

What does a Toronto factory yarn-bombing look like?

—, March 2014

Lanehouse on Bartlett gets yarn bombed in Bloordale during successful Re-Make event

— Buzz Buzz Homes, March 2014

Rare Laneway Design By Curated Properties

— Homes Magazine, March 2014

Spinning gold from old: A non-descript yarn factory captivates its developers - and changes their plans

— The National Post, February 2014

On Site: Laneway living for mainstream Toronto buyers

— The Globe and Mail, February 2014

From yarn factory to Lanehouse on Bartlett

— The National Post, February 2014

Lanehouse on Bartlett: An Interview With Adam Ochshorn

— Curbed, January 2014

Lanehouse on Bartlett is a rare breed for Toronto's real estate scene

— BuzzBuzz, January 2014

Developers hope to turn Toronto laneways into unique homes

— Global Toronto, January 2014

Transforming an Old Yarn Factory Into a Cool Laneway Project

— Curbed, January 2014

Rare laneway project launched in Bloordale

— archello, January 2014

Lanehouse on Bartlett

—, January 2014

The Hot Condo Now: Low-rise with an urban vibe

— The Globe and Mail, November 2013

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